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Continuing Professional Development Symposium & Annual Events

Sunday, April 28 to Thursday, May 2, 2019   Ottawa, ON

PHPC will host its fourteenth annual Continuing Professional Development Symposium in Ottawa on April 28-29, 2018 as part of the annual conference of the Canadian Public Health Association, Public Health 2019. 

CPD Symposium Registration Fees:

2 Day CPD Symposium Registration
April 28 & April 29

Physicians: $300
Residents:  $200

1 Day CPD Symposium
April 28 only
Physicians:  $200
Residents:   $150
1 Day CPD Symposium
April 29 only
Physicians:  $200
Residents:   $150

PHPC Events & Public Health 2019

Registration for PHPC Events only - coming soon!

PHPC CPD Symposium Day 1

Sunday, April 28, 2019

This session will provide attendees presentations on a wide variety of public health physician related topics.

Claiming Section 3 CME
PHPC-ACPM Joint Session (TBD)
Abstract Presentations: Emerging practice, evidence & research issues  13:00-15:00
Debate: (TBD)
 15:15 - 17:30

PHPC CPD Symposium Day 2


In Canada, health is constitutionally a provincial responsibility. Many of us have had positive, negative, or very little interaction at all with any federal health-related body. When PHAC was created post-SARS there were uncertainties and expectations – have these been met? can we work better together? While many issues in public health are intensely local, many others are shared,and might benefit from economies of scale, expertise, authority, credibility and funding of a national body.  This blue-sky session is meant to be a frank discussion about the federal role in public health – what it is, what it could be, what it should be.

 Networking Breakfast
 Federal Role in Public Health:
 Brief History of the Public Health Agency of Canada
 Presentation by Public Health Agency of Canada Physicians
 Abstract Presentation: Possibilities & Pitfalls: is there a   federal role in public health? 



PHPC Annual General Meeting

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Join us at the AGM to hear highlights of what PHPC accomplished in the past year and help set the direction in the years moving forward.

PHPC's Annual Society Dinner

Monday, April 29, 2019
18:30 -22:30

Location: HMCS Bytown Officers' Mess - 78 Lisgar St, Ottawa, ON

Join the networking dinner for public health and preventive medicine specialists and other physicians working in public health

Physician - $100.00
Resident - $85.00

PHPC Resident Social

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

18:30 -21:00

Location:   The Brig Pub - 23 York St, Ottawa, ON

Join PHPM residents from across the country for a casual get-together and dinner.  All PHPC members are invited to attend.

PHPC Collaborator Session

Improving Public Health capacity in Canada

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Across the country, health system reforms, budget constraints and changes in system priorities have been impacting public health to varying degrees over the past 10 years. As a follow-up to last year’s session, which asked the question of  how to best collect data to measure the success of public health systems, the Urban Public Health Network (UPHN) has been working with health system researchers to better understand and quantify these impacts on public health capacity,y including changes in governance, structure, programs and staffing/funding levels. Preliminary results from a survey of UPHN member cities across Canada will be shared alongside perspectives from rural and remote jurisdictions and across Canada more broadly. Through large- and small-group discussion we will explore actions that can be taken to advocate for a strengthening of public health capacity for the future.

Rural, Remote & Northern Public Health Network Reception

Tuesday, April 30, 2019,

The Rural, Remote, and Northern Public Health Network is an evolving interest-based group that seeks:

1) to SHARE experiences, best practices, and innovative solutions
2) to CONNECT with research initiatives and partners, and liaise with jurisdictions
3) to VOICE rural, remote and northern issues
4) to EDUCATE the new generation of public health physicians about rural, remote, and northern issues.

Additional Cost: $25

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