PHPC Council and Committees

The Public Health Physicians of Canada (PHPC) represents the interests of public health and preventive medicine specialists and public health physicians in Canada. With more than 200 members, PHPC is the unique and vibrant voice for public heath and preventive medicine specialists/public health physicians and continues to grow each year in membership.

Two of the many objectives of this organization are to:

  • promote the inclusion of a population and public health perspective in the development and implementation of health policy and the provision of health services at the local, provincial, territorial, and national levels; and

  • increase the knowledge, skills and attitudes of Public Health and Preventive Medicine specialists, promote their continuing professional competence and provide leadership in developing continuing professional development initiatives for Public Health and Preventive Medicine practitioners, particularly through the Royal College of Physician and Surgeons of Canada's Maintenance of Certification Program.

The PHPC has two committees that actively work towards these objectives:
The affairs, property and business of the Society is governed, managed and administered by a Council of at least six persons comprising the Officers of the Society (President, President-Elect or Past-President and a Treasurer), a Resident Member, and at least two other members from active membership, thereof who shall be called Councillors. The Council shall manage the affairs, property and business of the Society in such a manner deemed to be in the best interests of the Society.

A listing of the current Council can be found here.

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